Dried Floral Wreaths.

“Nature grounds us. It boosts our mood and brings us joy. Our dried floral designs are an opportunity to bring the outdoors in. Decorating your home with floral work inspired by nature itself.”


While our yarn, teas, balms, and strawflower garlands are always available on the shop, wreaths are only sold every other month during our wreath drops.


Each drop exhibits a brand new collection of designs which are sold in limited quantities. Sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of this page for 24hr access to the drop before it’s available to the public.


How early newsletter access works: The day of each drop we will send out an email with a passcode for our website. With this passcode you gain access to our online shop to purchase wreaths first before anyone else can. This comes as an advantage since many designs sell out quickly.

Care Instructions:

Our dried floral designs are very easy to care for. They should hold up beautifully for years to come.

Our wreaths and garlands should be kept  indoors, ideallly in a low moisture room (bathrooms and other high moisture areas  can cause meldew growth.) 


Be sure to handle gently, dried flowers can be very fragile to the touch. You may also notice that their color slowly fades over time, especially when hung in direct sunlight. This is is completely natural and normal. When dusting, use something gentle like a feather duster. Lastly, the boxes we use to ship are great for storing our wreaths if you choose to change them out seasonally.