Slow Goods.

Fill your homes, mugs, and hands with goods designed by nature itself. You can see our supply chain, it's right out the back door. Harvested and packaged by hand on our Ozark farm.

Floral. Fungi. Fiber.

  • Floral

    Nature grounds us. It boosts our mood and brings us joy. Our dried floral designs are an opportunity to bring the outdoors in. Everything we offer is grown, harvested, and designed by hand on farm. Our wreaths and garlands give texture and life to your home that no factory could ever replicate. 

  • Fungi

    Mushrooms are a beloved and sacred part of the herbalism tradition. When consumed on a regular basis, their adaptogenic and immunemodulating properties can help to support and nourish your immune system, nervous system, as well as fight off free radicals.

  • Fiber

    Wool is important, natural fibers are important, slow fashion is important. Our grass-fed and humanely raised Icelandic yarn can be knit into heirloom pieces such as sweaters, hats, scarves, and mittens. When the knitted garment has been worn for decades and is finally ready to be retired, it can then be composted. Going back into the soil to feed the grass and continue the cycle.