Our Mushroom Teas.


“Mushrooms are a beloved and sacred part of the herbalism tradition. When consumed on a regular basis, their adaptogenic and immunemodulating properties can help to support and nourish your immune system, nervous system, as well as fight off free radicals."


Whether you are sipping a mug of our Mushroom chai or adding shiitakes to your stir fry, consuming mushrooms daily can support and restore your body in a long list of ways. Each mushroom carries its own specific benefits, but when consumed on a regular basis they will all support both your immune and nervous system. Medicinal mushrooms are immunemodulators, meaning they balance and work to build up the immune system on a cellular level. Mushrooms are also adaptogenic. Just as they balance and restore your immune system, they can help do the same for your nervous system. Keep in mind that there are two rules of thumb when working with mushrooms. First, they should be consumed on a regular bases to take their full effect. Daily would be ideal. Second, they need to be cooked or simmered low and slow. The the medicinal properties must be extracted properly in order for your body to be able to absorb them.

In our home, we believe in the medicinal power of mushrooms and consume them daily. In the summer we tend to drink a lot of Mushroom Sun and Mushroom Mama teas over ice, and in the winter I never go without my afternoon mug of Mushroom Chai. With each tea blend, my goal is to create something that you will reach for because you love the flavor. But It is just as important to me that each blend is formulated with medicinal herbs that will nourish and support your body.


How To Brew:

Mushrooms take more time to properly extract in water than most herbs. The golden rule is to brew your tea low and slow. Ideally, a temperature of about 130-160°F is best. Also keep in mind that if the tea gets too hot for too long, it's quality and flavor can diminish. For more specific instructions, first check your tea labels to determine which mushrooms are in each blend:

Shiitake & Lions Mane: 20-40 minutes should be sufficient. Bring to a gentle simmer, turn off heat, and cover. Let the pot sit (keeping warm on the stove, not simmering) for the suggested steep time. Or brew as sun tea on a hot day outdoors for 4+ hours.

Turkey Tail & Reishi: 2+ hours is ideal. This can be done in a crockpot or low and slow, covered, on the stovetop. If the tea is simmering too hard while covered, keep uncovered instead(you may need to add more water).