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Avodah Farms

Black Flecked White

Black Flecked White

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100 yards of beautiful traditional undyed lopi Icelandic yarn. Bulky weight.

(number 5 on the comparison photo)

Lopi is the traditional method for spinning Icelandic fleece. Icelandic sheep have two seperate layers of wool, the tog and thel. Thel is the downy inner coat. It is soft and extremely warm. The tog is the water-repellent and sturdy outer layer. Both the tog and the thel are spun together to create a unique yarn that is lightweight, durable, and water-repellent. 

Please keep in mind that there will be traces of vegetabe matter in all of our yarn, it shows up more in the darker shades. We consider it a beautiful reminder that the wool you are now working with was once on the backs of a living and breathing animal, grazing in an open field. Our sheep are 100% grass fed and therefore always have unlimited access to browse, brambles, and various forages to graze on until their hearts are content. 

**average of 120g / 100 yd. 

**average of 9 WPI.

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